Klæber til metal som en magnet, for at forhindre rust... Selv i regnvejr! 
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"CorrosionX worked longer and better than anything I've used before"

– Dick Metcalf, Shooting Times magazine

I sometimes think there are more different kinds of firearms lubes and rust-prevention compounds on the market these days than there are guns. However, I have recently become a believer in one particular item and have begun using it exclusively. The product is CorrosionX. As a corrosion inhibitor, CorrosionX polar bonds to metal (water beads on it like car wax), prevents rust from starting even with extended exposure to rain, and withstands extreme handling abuse. It repels moisture with the thinnest of coats.

I've rubbed hard with a salt-sweaty thumb on a barrel wiped down with CorrosionX and moisture still beads. And its polar-bonding effect works to prevent existing rust from progressing – spray it on a gun where rust specks have already begun, and it'll stop it cold.

As a lubricant, CorrosionX offers a lower coefficient of friction than even PTFE-fortified products (the Teflon, semiteflon, and other polymer-bead compounds). Plus, since it's specifically designed for high-temperature(s), it doesn't burn off or sublimate away during hot-action use.

I recently used it to lube the yoke/crane cylinder-rotation shafts of two .357 Magnum revolvers during a 10,000-round endurance review, where 500-round strings were standard. CorrosionX worked longer and better than anything I've used before. The cylinder/yoke areas would get too hot to touch, but the lube did not dry up and was visibly still "moist" when I pulled off the cylinder. As a penetrating agent, CorrosionX is remarkable. The manufacturer reports incidents where its application has freed the frozen actions of guns that have laid for weeks in the soaking ruins of building fires. That's pretty extreme!

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